A Few of Old Racing Flyers, Ads & Ticket Stubs



Not much for me to say about the stuff below, it is what it is. Just

double click the Image for a larger view, if you want to read it.


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This 1978 NHRA Cajun Nationals flyer for early ticket purchase

really isn't all that old, but click on the picture so it will enlarge,

then see how cheap the tickets were compared to todays prices.





1956 Entry Blank.





1956 Pit Pass for Kansas City.





1956 ET Slip from Bugs Threadgill at Kansas City.





1957 Pit Pass from Oklahoma.





1957 ET Slip from Oklahoma.





1957 ET Slip from Caddo Mills.




1961 ET Slip from Green Valley.





1977 NHRA World Finals Ticket Stub for Ontario.

Check out the price of the ticket.





Pit Passes for the 1977 World Finals, $3.00!!!





1979 Pit Passes for 2 National Events.