The Quicksilver cars


Lester Guillory (left) with the new rear engine car for Stephens,
Venables & Tartar........... George Donaldson (right)


The 4 photos above are of the 1st paint scheme
of the only 2 Quicksilver dragsters of Stephens,
Venables & Tartar.

July 1977 Green Valley


The 3 photos above are from the Gator Nationals 197?


On the 2 photos above my guess would be the Houston Drag Strip, but I've
been wrong before.


This is where the 2nd paint scheme begins with the above photo and the ones
to follow. This was a photo shoot at the Malibu Grand Prix centers with the
Derrick Dolls (Houston Oilers) with Dickie Venables on the right.


On the above photo I can't quite make out Steve's number on the car, the
number may be a 41 because they were Division 4 Champions in 1977, in
the photos below the number is 41 but in black.

The 3 photos above are from Ontario probably in 1978 being the number 41
on the car. The nose piece is also different in these 3 shots but do not no why.


Staging lanes, but I do not know from where.


Stephens, Venables & Tartar were Division 4 Champions in 1977 & 1979.
They retired from drag racing in 1980 and sold the entire operation shortly after.