The Rear Engine Cars of Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine



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Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine

This is the 1st rear engine car running a Injected BBC on Nitro.

This was probably taken in 1976 or 1977 Division 4 Points

meet at LaPlace Louisiana. That would be AJ Seruntine the

driver doing something in the cockpit. The car was built by

Buddy Warren here in Houston Texas. The rear wing was kind

of his idea also as everyone thought it looked good so he built

it to resemble the front wing with the V-shape contour.





AJ Seruntine on the near side and Bobby Schmidt
on the far side with Walker, McCaine & Schmidt

 entry. We were running Nitro while he was running alky.





Green Valley 1977.

As you can see the we are now running Blown Alcohol as

the Injected Nitro days are over.




1977 Houston International Speedway.




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Same car as above except for the new paint scheme, probably

a 1978 photo taken in front of our house.





This is probably 1978 at LaPlace at another Division 4 Points

Meet racing Bobby Schmidt driving the Mauldin, McCaine &

Schmidt car. We are now running the Rodeck on blown alcohol

and NHRA also banned the front wheel covers.





Another photo of AJ Seruntine against Bobby Schmidt. By

looking at all my pictures is seems like he must be the only

person we ever raced. This is probably a 1979 picture. at






Green Valley 1978 or 79.




AJ Seruntine doing the driving at the 1979 World Finals at

Ontario Motor Speedway in California.





This is the staging lanes of Indy 1979. We had Joe Amato

1st round. On the burnout we stripped the splines out of the

rear end coupling so he got the 1st round win on a bye run.





Just a small "Thank You" in the National Dragster to Ralph

Gorr. Our 1st trip to the Winternationals in 1978. I can't

remember who we got beat by, but we were getting in the

tougher fields a little deeper.





This was taken at 1979 at the Cajun Nationals in Baton Rouge.

Richard Sewell gave me the chance to paint the car so I took him

up on it. The blue & silver were the 1979 GMC truck colors.

I even did the pin striping and the lettering and recreated the

"Hungry Eye" again. Still running the Rodeck on alcohol with

AJ Seruntine still doing the driving.





1980 Handout.





The Winners Circle at that 1980 Cajuns. Our very 1st

National Event Win. We defeated Gene Bouls who

was driving for Buddy Warren which was the guy that

built our car.


1st Round

Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine def. Bogie Kell

with a 6.68 ET @ 206.89 MPH to 6.92 @ 178.57 MPH


2nd Round

Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine def. Charlie Durel

with a 6.79 ET @ 204.54 MPH to 7.44 @ 81.45 MPH


3rd Round

Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine def. Brian Raymer

with a 6.62 ET @ 207.37 MPH to 7.49 @ 141.28 MPH


Final Round

Sewell, Osborn & Seruntine def. Gene Bouls

with a 6.58 ET @ 208.33 MPH to 6.79 @ 187.49 MPH

The 6.58 was the Low ET of the Meet.





Bubba Sewell began to take over in the early 80's in the car

and he had a successful career in the Alcohol Class. He won

5 NHRA Nationa Events out of 12 Final round, 3 of the wins

were all back, to back, to back. He ended up finishing 2nd in the

World Championship while Don Woosley won the Championship.

This was taken in 1983 (I Think) at Indy, the Rodeck days were

over and the car is now running the Aluminum Keith Black.





This is a centerfold from the 1981 (I Think) Popular Hot

Rodding Magazine from the Winternationals of Bubba Sewell.





Same as above, opposite side of track.





Made the front cover of National Dragster.





Here is the car the way it sits today. Everything is repainted,

chromed or gold plated. Ready to go if the desire is to strike






Nice shot of the KB.





Here is the same wheel covers, 25 years later found in storage

and put back on the car.


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